nvPhoto is an application for mac OS X version 10.10 ("Yosemite") and later.

You can create and modify some specific Exif or Iptc informations from the JPEG photo file(s).

Openning a directory let you load JPEG images it contains. nvPhoto display them in the left list.

You can select them as usual :

simple clic single selection
clic gauche
multi selection
Cmd+A select every photo

Informations displayed in the first screen are those of the first selected photo.

The following informations can be created or modified :

  • Informations about the owner, artist, camera owner and copyright are filled from the single information ;
  • Comments
  • Five keywords maximum

For GPS information, if not generated by the camera, you only need to fullfill the adress and asked to get the generated information from before applying them to the file.

If you select a photo in the left list and it contains GPS information, they are displayed and you can get your translation in human adress.

On the last screen, you can sort the photos in a tree of directory using 3 criteria.