messageServer Admin tools


see below the cmd file


You have different scripts running on different machines. You want to centralize to avoid to visit each machine and each log. You aren't satisfy with mail possibilities, cause, in a large organization you can't create specific mail account.

message Server is for you !

It display all the message received in html format and permits somme basic editing.

snapshot :


jvm 1.4.2 installed (see java.sun.com to get it).


download by right clicking messageServer.zip

  • messageServer.jar is the jar file
  • messageServer.cmd is a sample cmd file to lauch it under windows
  • report is a shell function to include in your script to format and send messages
  • sendMessage2Server.pl a perl script to send messages (called from report)


This software is copyrighted. It is not free. It is distibuted on an "as is" basis. You can use it without fee but at your own risk. I assume no responsability of any kind for dammages resulting of its use.